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Masters in Informatics Engineering - specialisation in Information Systems

Information Systems


Information Systems Educational Objectives

The Master’s programme specialisation in Information Systems (IS) provides well-grounded methodological competences at the intersection between computer science, cloud computing, enterprise modelling, and business.

The program focuses on competences for the modelling, analysis, implementation, and management of information systems and covers the following topics:

  • IS Modelling (e.g., IT services, process modelling, human-computer interaction)
  • IS Analysis (e.g., enterprise architectures, process analysis)
  • IS Implementation (e.g., cloud computing, process-aware information systems, security)
  • IS Management (e.g., strategic alignment, governance, business process management)

Typical tasks of information systems professionals include:

  • Developing digital strategies.
  • Analysing requirements for information systems.
  • Designing and implementing enterprise architectures.
  • Analysing and modelling existing business processes.
  • Implementing IT services.
  • Implementing cloud computing environments. 
  • Managing process improvement projects.
  • Managing IT development projects.
Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Master’s degree programme with a specialisation in Information Systems will work at IT and management consultancies or in service companies.

Exemplary positions for graduates with emphasis on services and business processes are:

  • IT service analyst.
  • Enterprise/IT architect.
  • Business process engineer.
  • Cloud service delivery manager.
Schedule Full-time
Duration 2 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Scholarships available No


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