The objective of the course is to provide a thorough overview of the landscape and commercial dynamics of the mobile industry – from the old world of network equipment and telecom operators to the new software-driven world of mobile platforms and developer ecosystems. Within the wider ICT landscape, the mobile industry is moving faster than any other sector. In the wake of this development, old technologies such as the Wintel PC and old business models are being disrupted by the ongoing convergence between mobile, IT, electronics and multimedia. As smartphones and tablets replace the PC, whole new market sectors, services and business models are created, centred on mobile platform ecosystems such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. 

Topics covered in the course include the competitive technology landscape, the dynamics and culture of handset manufacturers and network operators, the regional market differences, the business models of dominating players such Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and others, the dynamics of the application market, the developer economics and the trends that are shaping the convergence of mobile, IT and the Internet. These topics are grouped in the following themes which will be presented during the course: 

  • History and background of the mobile industry
  • Theoretical perspectives of innovation, disruption and modularity applied to the mobile industry
  • The mobile value chain
  • Handset OEM disruption
  • Ecosystem engineering and economics
  • Developers and app economics
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