The MPhil in Informatics is a post-graduate program aimed at preparing the student to take leadership roles in the knowledge and application of technologies, as well as critical thinking development and scientific and technical communication skills. It allows a common basis for structuring knowledge, namely concerning modeling techniques, emerging technologies, project management and technological innovation.

The course’s specific objectives are to know how to plan, control, and perform development activities of highly complex software systems using emergent technologies, and to define delineate technological solutions to address organizations’ problems of high complexity. The planning and management of the infrastructure supporting the organizational technological services consist in another core field of expertise, as well as to ensure high security standards and risk management. The professional ethics and leadership role are developed within critical thinking and responsible attitudes.

The course follows the best international practices and is aligned with the ACM/IEEE curriculum recommendations. Moreover, it is accredited by the national authority agency A3ES, and the UPT is the unique Portuguese private university to hold a global certificate quality.

The two-year course program comprises twelve mandatory curricular units providing a mix of theoretical underpinning, technical skills and perspectives on software engineering. It then culminates with an applied research and development experience that can be an internship, project or a thesis.

The course encompasses the emergent technologies and will allow students to tackle the increasingly relevant fields such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Information Security, and to lead highly complex software projects in the increasingly interconnected world with computing devices operating everywhere. The MS_CSE will be prepared for embracing the challenges organizations poses nowadays, in a rich and diverse environment.



  • Integrate academic and practitioner perspectives, designing tailor-made academic paths
  • Combine computational thinking with design thinking to the development of future intelligent products that will make life easier for users
  • Understanding and (Re)Designing Software Development Processes
  • Curricular professional development seminars and workshops
  • Applied research and development experience that can be an internship, project or a thesis
Schedule Part-time and full-time
Duration 2 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Scholarships available No


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