National University of Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung, Taiwan


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The Department of Information Management at National University of Kaohsiung (NUKIM) is dedicated to cultivating mid-level and senior professionals who fit the challenging needs of both research institutes and industries. Research and teaching interests of faculty members cover Information Management, Information Technology, as well as Integrated Applications of Information Technology. Courses are offered in accordance with these three main themes.

The long-term development goals of NUKIM are:

  • To cope with the emerging trends of information society and knowledge-based competition, and to apply information technology and knowledge assets to assisting the improvement of management efficiency in industries and government agencies.
  • To foster the infusion of information technology and knowledge assets into business models to establish competitive businesses and efficient government that envisions the 21st century as an information- and knowledge-based society.
  • To exploit international cooperation and exchange resources in pursuit of academic excellence in the field of information systems and social networks research.
  • To serve the society with quality human resource, proactive academic achievement, and prominent research outcomes.




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