Online Masters in Business Administration

Lawrenceville, NJ, United States
Business Administration, Management, and Operations


Business moves quickly, and organizations are constantly looking for new ways to not only stay competitive, but thrive. To do that, they need the best people — those with the skills, leadership and forward thinking abilities to truly make a difference.

Rider University’s Online Master of Business Administration gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a curriculum that features real-world business training — from real-world business leaders.

This program has one primary purpose — to get you ready for your next step. Our goal is to prepare you to compete and succeed in the business world. To that end, Rider’s online Master of Business Administration is designed to:

Provide you with a broader understanding of overall business operations, moving from the one-dimensional focus of traditional MBA programs to one that mirrors the complexity of today’s business enterprise

Introduce you to innovative, contemporary business models, such as supply chain management and international growth

Connect you to leading management thinking in such areas as business performance, multicultural marketing, social responsibility and ethical decision-making

Teach you the fundamentals of business analytics tools, technology innovations and business theories in a range of business and market contexts
Advance your communication, team building and leadership skills

Expose you to greater hands-on, experiential learning and provide access to mentoring and feedback from faculty and corporate executives

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