This module gives an introduction into the field of operations management. Selected business cases motivate the themes by demonstrating the potential that can be realized with good operations management. Furthermore, the basic methods of operations management and their practical application are taught. The exercise supports the practice and deepening of the lecture content by applying it to concrete problems. Operations management deals with the management of processes in the production and service sector, and is located in the functional unit operations. For managing the assigned processes it is necessary to continually coordinate with other functional areas. For instance, it is important for inventory management to know the upcoming sales promotions planned by marketing. Regarding other courses, students should have successfully passed the first and the second semester, especially the lectures “Mathematics for Economists” and “Statistics I”. Furthermore, this module is a foundation for the module “Logistics Management”.

Learning outcomes

Academic: The student should demonstrate the ability to reproduce his knowledge about the concepts and methods of Operations Management, to apply that knowledge to a new context, and to integrate and apply the taught themes. Soft skills: By preparing and reviewing the lecture contents and tasks given in the exercise in workgroups during their self-study, students improve their team work skill. This is supported by a Learnweb discussion forum that is guided by the chair. Furthermore, this course increases their ability to understand formal texts (like mathematical formulas) and to solve quantitative tasks. Also, students learn how to use software tools that support mathematical calculations.
Number of credit hours per week 4
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus