The PhD in Information Systems (IS) at UNC Greensboro is an innovative, research-oriented doctoral program designed to prepare students primarily for careers as members of faculty in academic IS units and secondarily as professionals in non-academic research and professional organizations. The program focuses on developing traditional technical and empirical research skills and is also characterized by four distinctive elements that enhance the traditional model:

  • a commitment to practical relevance
  • an emphasis on producing quality teachers
  • a research apprenticeship requirement
  • interdisciplinary research

In addition, interested students can enhance their studies with an emphasis in global information technology.


PhD in Information Systems
Program Objectives ■Provide training in basic and advanced information systems theory and practice so that students master the technical and conceptual tools needed for conducting high-quality IS research. ■Provide advanced, specialized training in a number of IS disciplines such as enterprise resource planning, global information technology, information resource management, artificial intelligence, data mining, data warehousing, e-commerce, knowledge management and supply chain management so that students acquire expertise that can be applied in a wide range of academic, government and private sector environments. ■Afford structured and supervised research experiences so that students develop the technical, conceptual and communication skills that are required to conduct high-quality, independent research. ■Provide instructional development so that students will be effective teachers.
Scholarships available No


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