The Doctor of Philosophy in Management with a major in Management Information Systems is rigorous with an aim to train and prepare students to be critical and creative independent thinkers. An MIS PhD gives students the ability to perform critical analysis of existing work and to undertake research studies to advance academic understanding in the MIS field in the course of their PhD studies and in their subsequent career. The MIS PhD program prepares you for teaching and research careers involving the design, analysis, implementation and operation of computer-based information systems and other associated organizational and economic issues, starting with a solid foundation in research methodology. Building on this, it offers a unique synthesis of state of the art technologies and approaches from Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Economics, Operations Management, Statistics and Socio-technical networks, to name a few.


  • The University of Arizona is a premier research university, ranked in the top 20 of public research universities nationwide
  • Research in one of four labs: AI, Center for Management of Information, INSITE and BORDERS
  • Recent placements include University of New York-Albany, Purdue University, Microsoft, University of Georgia, and Michigan State University
  • Specializations in Information Technology, Information Economics, Management and Organization, Quantitative Methods and Operations Management


Schedule Full-time
Presence of students On-campus
Scholarships available No


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