PhD | Information Systems

PhD in Management Science and Engineering

Information Systems


The PhD in management science and engineering is an interdisciplinary program with the combination of natural science and social science. It is based on the basic management theory and principle, quantitatively describes the complex management problems in the social and economic fields as the core, designs and develops new methods and technologies, innovative expansion of the application of technology, and use the methods and techniques of statistics, evaluation, optimization and decision-making to study the operation and monitoring of the organization so as to achieve the ideal performance goal and provide scientific basis for management decision-making. The program is dedicated to cultivating students with solid, broad basic theory and in-depth system expertise to enable students to work in higher education institutions or professional research institutions and to work in senior information management institutions in large enterprises and institutions. The program offers the following concentrations:

l  Operation Research

l  Management Information System

l  Production and Operation Management

l  Decision Analysis

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