Politechnic of Porto

S. Mamede Infesta, Portugal


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Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP) is the largest and one of the most dynamic polytechnic schools in the country, emerging as first in the Polytechnic ranking and, along with other major Universities, it is placed in the upper segment of the higher education national ranking. IPP involves more than 20 R&D units, and is the best positioned in international scientific rankings in Portugal.


The School of Accounting and Administration of Porto (ISCAP), the host of this conference, is considered the business school of IPP and is located in S. Mamede de Infesta (Matosinhos), very close to the IPP Campus, offering its 4000-strong student population a range of innovative programmes in the business and management area (6 undergraduate courses, 8 Master courses, and others).



Over the years ISCAP has increased its international experience and has been a partner in several international networks, such as AFECA, SPACE, EdiNeb and in SOCRATES/Lifelong Learning Programme, namely in ERASMUS, MINERVA, GRUNDTVIG, COMENIUS and in LEONARDO. Nowadays, ISCAP is involved in several European projects under the LLL Programme, both as partner and coordinator. ISCAP has research centers covering the majority of the scientific fields, namely intercultural studies, business, management, law, accounting, information systems, specialized communication, applied languages, innovation  and education. The elearning area at the IPP emerged at ISCAP about 15 years ago with the PAOL project. This experience allows ISCAP to say that it is one of the most dynamic schools as for elearning is concerned.



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