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The Michael F. Price College of Business ensures the enduring global competitiveness of Oklahoma and the nation. The MIS Divison at the Price College of Business offeres undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees in MIS. The undergraduate program has been ranked among the Top 20 programs in the nation several times by US News and World Report and faculty research productivity ranked in the Top 20 in the nation by the University of Texas at Dallas online rankings

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Dr. Radhika Santhanam Is currently the director of the MIS division at the Price Colelge of Business at the University of Oklahoma.

Professor Santhanam’s research focus is on enhancing human technology interactions to help employees learn, engage and become productive users of information technology systems. From a micro-perspective, her research examines how user learning and training coupled with system design enhances individual employee competencies, contributes to decision making processes, and augments their interactions with technology. From a macro perspective, her research focus is to identify ways by which organizations can support employees in collectively appropriating the benefits of implementing new information technologies. Her recent research explores gamification systems as a way to learn, and motivate employees to work with technology systems. She has published in journals and holds editorial positions in many leading journals.   Her research complements her teaching interests in decision aiding systems, analytics, systems design, and management of technology. Her research findings on learning technologies, e-learning and collaborative learning directly impact teaching and are incorporated in her course design.