Lecture | Information Systems

Process Management: Information Modeling


The lecture is on one of the core topic areas in Information Systems: Conceptual Modeling (i.e., process modeling, data modeling, organizational modeling etc.) with a focus on the use and reuse of conceptual models in business. Hence, the focus is not on how to create a conceptual model, but on what are the preconditions of models to really be usable in practice and on approaches and methodologies supporting model use and reuse, especially model analysis. The lecture therefore provides a theoretical basis for courses applying modeling techniques, such as PM2, PM3, BI1, ISD1, ISD2, ISD3, PR1, PR2, and PR3.

Learning outcomes

Academic: Impart a broad and profound understanding of the main tasks and challenges of conceptual modeling. Facilitate understanding of different modeling and model analysis approaches and judge their appropriateness for specific contexts of application. The ability to organize small working groups independently and to give presentations in front of a large audience.