Seminar | Information Systems

Process Mining - Data Science in Action


Process Mining represents the connection between model-based process analyses and data-oriented analysis techniques. New insights into time-related log data can be gained through concepts from the field of data mining and their adaptation to the special features of process data. In this course, both the theoretical basics and the practical application with supporting software tools will be taught.

The course is based on the online course "Process Mining: Data Science in Action" of the Technical University Eindhoven. Over a period of 12 weeks during the semester, the course content is provided to the students in the form of book chapters and videos, which are compiled by the students themselves, with an effort of 2 SWS for learning the content. The theoretical parts are supplemented by two-hour exercises, which take place every two weeks (6 sessions in total). The exercises are focused on the presentation of solutions to the exercise sheets, which are provided at the beginning of each topic block, i. e. the processing time per exercise sheet is 2 weeks. The exercises are worked on individually. Instead of a final exam, each student will work on and present an individual case study. The lecture will be given in English and the tutorial will be held in German. English speaking students are welcome.