Project Management skills are an essential part of conducting IT projects. The methods and software tools learned in this course are an essentially basis for further courses in the Information Systems curriculum, especially for managing software project seminars. General knowledge on managing projects might prove helpful to students for organizing their Bachelor or Master theses also. Project Management includes the planning, execution, and monitoring and controlling of projects. The lecture Project Management provides basic knowledge of (IT) Project Management and addresses the entire project life cycle / project management process. Besides introducing and integrating the distinct phases of the project lifecycle, current methods and tools for project management are introduced. Tutorials and Assignments allow for repeating the contents of the lecture and applying project management methods and tools in a problem-oriented way. Furthermore, guest lectures from industry representatives add to the practical applicability of the lecture program.

Learning outcomes

Academic: Students are able to describe the basic theoretical foundations and theories of project management. Students understand and manage the project management life cycle and its project management processes. Students can describe and apply further issues and needs required in a holistic project management approach. Students deepen their understanding of different project management methods and software tools and apply appropriate method(s) to solve real-world project management situations. Soft skills: Students learn and deepen their problem-solving capabilities in small groups as well as their presentation skills during the presentation of their results to a general audience. Through self-study, the contents of the course are further explored by the students in order to improve their skills for literature review. Searching and analyzing academic literature is done in order to prepare for class and to put the contents of the class in a general context.
Number of credit hours per week 4
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus