AIS Global IS Education Report 2017


Association for Information Systems (AIS) publishes an Annual Global IS Education Report that presents information on IS Educational programs worldwide. The data can be entered free of charge by each IS institution and the report is disseminated to a wide range of stakeholders, including prospective students, industry partners, and governmental institutions. The report demonstrates the impact our IS discipline has, educating for the digital society and economy worldwide.


The AIS Global IS Education Report 2017 will

  • list all IS educational programs by region
  • include each institution's profile
  • showcase each institutions programs
  • outline the courses per program
  • provide links, and contact persons for each program
  • provide a section of basic descriptive statistics for each program
  • provide statistics on IS programs per region
  • will be published in a digital format
  • will be promoted via multiple online channels


Data is collected via the platform Already today, the platform collects over 2,700 courses in over 600 programs from over 380 institutions in 75 countries. Using the platform, it is also possible for the programs to update their data over the year. The annual report will provide a snapshot of the programs included in the database.

An editorial team will evaluate the data provided by each institution, and decide whether or not a program will be included in the report. All programs that will fulfill the following criteria will be included: (a) the program is offered by an academic higher education institution, (b) the data is complete in that it provides an institutional profile, a program profile, and course descriptions.

To be included in the AIS Global IS Education Report 2017, the following information needs to be provided by your institution:

  • Name
  • Abstract
  • Logo (Profile & Banner)
  • Address
  • Website

Further, we are only able to include institutions that have registered at least one program with:

  • Name
  • Abstract
  • Highlights

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Important dates

  • 31.10.2016: Data submitted on
  • 30.11.2016: Feedback to the institutions based on review of data
  • 31.01.2017: Proofs of the Global IS Education Report 2016 to institutions
  • 15.02.2017: Feedback to the editors
  • 31.03.2017: Publication of the report


To give an example on how institutions, programs, and courses can be presented at, please see the following link:

Editors (alphabetical order)

  • Jan vom Brocke, University of Liechtenstein
  • Bernard Tan, National University of Singapore
  • Heikki Topi, Bentley University
  • Markus Weinmann, University of Liechtenstein

Editorial Board (alphabetical order)

  • Salehu Anteneh, Addis Abeba University
  • Elizabeth White Baker, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • Geoffrey Dick, North Georgia College and State University
  • Brian Donnellan, University of Maynooth, Ireland
  • Mary Granger, George Washington University
  • Eija Karsten, Abo Akademi Handelshögskolan
  • George Kasper, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Ting-Peng Liang, National Cheng-Chi University
  • Joe Nandhakumar, Warwick Business School
  • Matti Rossi, Aalto University School of Economics
  • Venky Shankararaman, Singapore Management University
  • Ravi Seethamraju, University of Sydney
  • Rhonda Syler, Louisiana Tech University
  • Te-Wie Wang, University of Illinois at Springfield