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Retail Banking Processes in BPM

Shared by: by Kay Winkler on August 31, 2016: 23:22 CEST
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After more than 150 process optimizations and implementations within about 8 years, there has been a clear “to-be” process outline and repeating methodology pattern that we have detected and that we are sharing with the reader during the following paragraphs and succeeding posts, specifically for process implementation in the retail banking sector.

Rather than trying to establish “best BPM practices” the intent is to share designs and practices that have proven to work well for us (so they may do as well for the reader), and to provide an initial step from where the community is invited to contribute improvements, alternatives and furthering components to the processes in question (or to propose new processes altogether). 

Recommended use for teaching

Modelling of retail banking processes with BPM. Ideal for MBA students and BPM practitioners.