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The business world is constantly changing. As tomorrow’s technology replaces today’s and what’s cutting edge this week becomes antiquated next week, it’s important that you also continue to evolve in your education and skills.

An online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from Rider University can give you a competitive edge as you look to advance your career. Learn the latest trends and industry developments in areas including management, finance, marketing and more as you prepare for leadership opportunities in your field.

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As a sports professional, you understand the importance of having a competitive edge. To stand out from the crowd, you want to grow your skillset to help you achieve maximum performance in all aspects of your job. Knowing your X’s and O’s isn’t enough. Effective leaders need to be able to motivate their team, expertly market their school or organization and be well-versed on important industry trends.

Rider University’s Master of Arts in Athletic Leadership program can teach you to become a more well-rounded coach or administrator. Courses apply a sports-centric focus to topics like leadership, psychology and communication strategies, and are taught by actual sports professionals who know what it takes to achieve success.

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Your communication skills can lay the groundwork for enterprise-wide success. Industry strategies are constantly changing, and organizations need leaders who can articulate goals with clarity, both internally and externally. Learn to develop your expertise in critical thinking and problem solving, and help drive the future of communication.

When you earn your online Master of Arts in Business Communication (MABC) degree from Rider University, you can develop the tools to boost organizational productivity, fine-tune daily operations and build stronger professional networks. Learn to polish your message and elevate organizations of all sizes.

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In our modern world, misinformation spreads rapidly. You can change that. Your guidance can help communities and families access critical health information worldwide. Learn to develop your strategy and leadership skills to address the gaps in health literacy and education. Your degree does more than make you a valuable asset. It makes you a health care advocate.

When you earn your online Master of Arts in Health Communication (MAHC) degree from Rider University, you develop the skills to bring public health awareness to diverse populations. You can graduate prepared to analyze different health contexts, study the impact of media technologies and build sustainable solutions for engaging communication.

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When you grow your vision, you can empower your team. People-oriented leaders understand the individual strengths and varying leadership styles needed to impact an organization. Do more than learn the hypotheticals — learn the relevant, real-world applications you can apply to your career immediately.

When you earn your online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) with Rider University, you can improve company efficiency and refine operations. Learn to integrate business expertise and communication skills, and bring clarity to organizations of all sizes.

Our online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership gives you the flexibility to grow your supervisory skills around your life. You can choose from six start dates and join the online MAOL program in the fall, spring or summer. With Rider, you can tailor your degree to fit with your commitments

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Business moves quickly, and organizations are constantly looking for new ways to not only stay competitive, but thrive. To do that, they need the best people — those with the skills, leadership and forward thinking abilities to truly make a difference.

Rider University’s Online Master of Business Administration gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a curriculum that features real-world business training — from real-world business leaders.

This program has one primary purpose — to get you ready for your next step. Our goal is to prepare you to compete and succeed in the business world. To that end, Rider’s online Master of Business Administration is designed to:

Provide you with a broader understanding of overall business operations, moving from the one-dimensional focus of traditional MBA programs to one that mirrors the complexity of today’s business enterprise

Introduce you to innovative, contemporary business models, such as supply chain management and international growth

Connect you to leading management thinking in such areas as business performance, multicultural marketing, social responsibility and ethical decision-making

Teach you the fundamentals of business analytics tools, technology innovations and business theories in a range of business and market contexts
Advance your communication, team building and leadership skills

Expose you to greater hands-on, experiential learning and provide access to mentoring and feedback from faculty and corporate executives



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