Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business

Irving, Texas, United States
Information Systems


The Business School has three technology programs:

  1. Business analytics, Director - Dr. Herb Ramidez
  2. Cybersecurity, Director - Dr. Sandra Blanke
  3. Information & Technology Management Program - Director - Dr. Sue Conger

All three programs have MBA concentrations, MS programs, and non-degree certificate programs. 

Master Programs

The I&TM program is oriented toward mid-career IT professionals seeking managerial positions that culminate in the CIO or other C-suite. The program assumes some proficiency with systems and accquisition/development and how an IT organization works.  There are six courses in the program with a Special Topics course offered annually for emerging disciplines that cut across the courses, such as DevOps, IoT, NanoTech, etc. Every course is experiential so students learn today - use tomorrow and there are many anecdotes of promotions, job offers and internships that result from what they have learned in the program.  The MS is 30 credit hours. The program is a STEM-designated degree program, which qualifies graduates for an optional practical training (OPT) extension of 17 monthis, for a total of 29 months. 


Information & Technology Management


Understanding business processes and their active, continuous management is fundamental to recommending IT and other managerial change solutions. Process mapping skills for ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ business processes are developed and practiced. In addition, techniques for change analysis, problem finding and resolution, technology impact analysis, benchmarking, error proofing, and change management are developed



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