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A leading business school in the Asia-Pacific

Located in Sydney but deeply connected to the world, our collaborative education and research partnerships extend throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond to ensure our graduates are culturally versatile and understand their role in the world's business and social challenges.

Our students are Australia's brightest, and they are our future. Whether you aspire to lead an organisation, run your own successful enterprise or pursue ground-breaking research, we will open the door to your success with undergraduate, postgraduate, research and MBA programs covering every aspect of business. Leaders in their academic fields, our lecturers and researchers also bring real-world expertise to our active community. Innovation centres and high-tech flipped classrooms encourage students to be proactive in their learning experience, with workplace activities and industry mentoring an integral part of our real-world approach.

Our original, relevant business research shapes economic policy and influences the way business is done around the world. Our research students and staff are working on some of the great social and economic challenges of our time, creating published work with real-world impact and outcomes. The way we live and work in the future will be nothing like today. So we are transforming the way we learn and research – ensuring our future business leaders are adaptable, creative problem-solvers.

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Bachelor Programs

This 4 year dual program leads to the award of a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Information Systems (BCom/BIS) and will meet the needs of students who want a strong, focused and highly regarded business degree combined with an Information Systems degree. Organisations are always looking for “business savvy” IS graduates who understand the business and technical issues which surround and impact their information systems. As part of the degree program students will complete a major stream in both Information Systems (IS) and an approved disciplinary stream within the UNSW Business School.

In selecting their combination of majors, students should note that while there is a wide range of choice, not every combination may be able to be completed in 4 years of full-time study. Students are also not able to take a modern language as their major.

For detailed information on the professional recognition this degree offers please visit Professional Recognition of Programs in the UNSW Online Handbook.

It is assumed that students have a certain level of knowledge in advanced mathematics in order to cope well with the mathematical or statistical component of a business degree. If you are successful in obtaining a place without this assumed knowledge, you are strongly encouraged to consider studying a Mathematics Bridging Course before starting your degree.

The Bachelor of Information Systems (BIS) degree is a highly prized qualification which provides students with information systems expertise and business skills. The program is intended to develop conceptual and practical skills. After an introductory first stage, students will learn about business systems analysis and design, data management, enterprise systems, business process management, big data business analytics, business systems infrastructure and security as well as mathematics, management accounting and commercial programming.

The BIS (Co-op) (Hons) is a full-time four year Honours degree program. It is an industry linked education program leading to the award of the qualification Bachelor of Information Systems (Co-op) (Honours). The program draws on both Information Systems and business and is intended to develop conceptual and practical skills. After an introductory first stage, students will learn about business analysis systems and design, data management, business systems infrastructure and security as well as commercial programming statistics, management accounting and commercial programming.

The BIS (Co-op) (Hons) program has been designed in conjunction with Information Systems and Information Technology industry professionals to provide for the needs of Australian businesses. The program combines the requirements for the award of the degree with 18 months of coordinated industrial experience at three different sponsoring organisations (24 weeks at each). Industry Training extends outside university semesters. A scholarship is payable from funds donated by the sponsoring organisations. Entry to the program is limited to students awarded a scholarship through the BIS (Co-op) (Hons) selection procedures administered by the UNSW Co-op Program Office. For more information about requirements for the BIS (Co-op) (Hons) Program please visit the 
frequently asked questions page.

Consideration for entry to the course may proceed only on the basis of an application directly to Co-op program Office at the University of New South Wales and application through UAC. Visit the UNSW Co-op website for a brochure and application form.

Students who are academically acceptable for the BIS (Co-op) (Hons) degree program, but who are not offered a scholarship position, should consider registering for first Stage entry into the BIS 3979 program. If BIS (Co-op) (Hons) scholarships become available at the end of stage 1, students undertaking the BIS 3979 program may be offered an interview and a transfer into the 3964 BIS (Co-op) (Hons) degree program.

Master Programs

The Master of Accounting and Business Information Technology is designed for graduates, early and mid-career professionals wanting to extend their understanding of methods and tools for leveraging accounting and information systems to enhance business value and competitiveness.

Graduates from the Master of Accounting and Business Information Technology gain the practical skills and knowledge to succeed in a range of careers, such as business analyst, forensic accountant, systems accountant, management accountant, systems analyst, system management specialist, database administrator and project manager. 

The Master of Information Systems Management (MISM) program is suitable if you are a professional, or information systems or computer science graduate who sees yourself advancing into management and leadership roles in the industry. The program is a comprehensive, challenging and contemporary program, based on a set of Information Systems executive core competencies established through extensive US and EU research on Information Systems skills.

The Master of Information Systems Management offers will develop the core skills needed to succeed as an industry leader in information, communications and technology. You will obtain strong analytical and technical skills to assess, design, implement, and manage business information systems in a fast-changing business environment, across multiple organisations.

Career Outcomes

The Master of Information Systems Management program will enhance your knowledge and strong analytical skills to allow you to assess, design, implement and manage business information systems in a fast-changing business environment, across multiple organisations.

PhD Programs

A research degree is a great opportunity to show the world and yourself what you are capable of. You will learn skills and tools that will help you to advance knowledge and contribute to original and objective thought on the most important challenges facing society.

The UNSW Business School has many top researchers who will support and mentor you, showing you how to conduct rigorous, relevant research. We are very proud of our research graduates who have gone on to distinguished academic and business careers, and influential policy positions.

A wide range of prestigious scholarships support our research students, with funding from the Australian Commonwealth Government, UNSW, the UNSW Business School, overseas governments, research grants and industry.

Your research degree will set you up for success in a fulfilling career, with freedom of thought and the ability to have an impact on the world.


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