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Selected Chapters in Business Administration


Choosing a 6CP Lecture with Exercises in the “Minor” programs of the Master program of Business Administration offered by the department of Business Administration, namely: “Basis Accounting“, “Basis Finance“, “Basis Management” and “Basis Marketing“. In particular, the following Modules can be studied: ACM01 Konzepte und Instrumente des Controlling ACM02 Financial Accounting ACM03 Internationale Unternehmensbesteuerung ACM04 Internationales Controlling ACM07 Unternehmensanalyse und –bewertung ACM08 Unternehmensbesteuerung I ACM09 Ausgewählte Kapitel des Accounting ACM10 Abschlussprüfung ACM11 Spezialfragen der Rechnungslegung nach HGB und IFRS ACM12 Ausgewählte Kapitel des Accounting II ACM13 Anwendungen des Controlling ACM14 IFRS und Controlling ACM16 Vertiefungsmodul Internationale Rechnungslegung ACM17 Unternehmensbesteuerung II FCM01 Introduction to Finance FCM02 Behavioral Finance FCM03 Derivatives I FCM04 Finanzintermeidation I FCM05 Advanced Corporate Finance FCM06 Corporate Governance and Responsible Business Practices FCM07 Derivatives II FCM08 Finanzintermediation II FCM13 Ausgewählte Kapitel Finance I CfM13 Organisation CfM14 Strategisches Management CfM15 Personal CfM16 Management MCM02 Industrial Marketing MCM03 Consumer Marketing MCM04 Media Marketing MCM08 Direct Marketing MCM09 Sales Management MCM10 Electronic Commerce MCM11 Advanced Media Marketing MCM14 Marketing Strategy Preconditions defined for the selected modules have to be obeyed.

Learning outcomes

to be found in the descriptions of the above mentioned modules