This seminar is about the development, implementation and evaluation of IS/IT in the health care domain, which can be labeled as 'medical informatics' but also 'health IT' or 'e-health'. Compared to the previous courses, this years' seminar will focus on medical apps and games. This is a relatively new and exciting field that is full of opportunities to explore and evaluate. It is about apps and games to help doctors in their clinical work, to help managers to govern their hospitals, to help patients to cope with their diseases. Three knowledge fields are combined in this course: (1) Health care: what are the current challenges of health care, how do clinical and organizational processes in health care look like, how do health care systems, organizations and professionals work? (2) Mobile health: what types of mobile systems are applied in health care, what type of apps do doctors, nurses and patient use - or want to use? (3) Evaluation studies: what are principles and models to evaluate if apps and games in health will work? how to review apps and games in different stages and from different perspectives? The three fields will be addressed and integrated in this course. After this course, you have gained more knowledge about both the drivers and barriers in medical informatics, and of medical apps and games in health in particular.
Number of credit hours per week 20
Course eligibility Optional