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Southampton Business School is part of the University of Southampton, a leading research-intensive Russell Group University in the UK, ranked in the top 1% worldwide.

Master Programs

MSc Digital Strategy and Information Systems explores recent trends and topics, taught by leaders in the field.

To be competitive in today's digital economy, businesses need to develop a digital strategy. A digital strategy can help organisations effectively manage an ever-increasing range of information systems and organisational resources and analytics capabilities to tap into new sources of data (such as Big Data) to produce new insights about their customers or business processes, as well as design processes and platforms that enable them to share this newly gained organisational knowledge among employees. Central to all of this are information systems, i.e. the means or processes by which people and organisations, utilising technologies, create or gather, process, store, use and disseminate or share management information and organisational knowledge.

This one-year master's programme introduces students to the effective development, use and management of these systems, and the information systems that support them. You will also learn to appreciate their strategic applications, and evaluate the implications of technology trends such as social media, cloud computing, business intelligence, big data, etc. for the nature of work and organisational competitive advantage.  The MSc emphasises both practice as well as the theories underpinning it, and integrates technological, managerial and social aspects of the subject. 

The programme is both suitable for graduates in a more technology-oriented subject (or those with some experience in the IT sector), as well as for recent graduates in general management fields.  It provides a strong foundation for those looking to have careers in knowledge and information systems management, or want to carry out research in the discipline. 

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