Seminar | Information Systems

Specialization Business Administration


This specialization deepens the student’s knowledge from various other courses, especially those from business administration and the first two semesters. The student can choose from the following courses of the bachelor-studies for business administration: BWL6 Accounting and Taxation (6 CP, SS) BWL7 Corporate Finance (6 CP, SS) BWL3 Management Accounting and Control (6 CP, WS) BWL20 Logistics Management (6 CP, SS) BWL10 Management and Governance (6 CP, WS) BWL9 Quantitative Marketing (6 CP, SS) BWL14 Insurance Economics(6 CP, SS) BWL11 Advanced Accounting (6 CP, WS) BWL13 Specialisation in Finance (6 CP, SS) BWL16 Advanced Management (6 CP, SS) BWL15 Advanced Marketing (6 CP, SS) BWL12 Advanced Taxation (6 CP, WS) Besides these courses, students have to absolve a six week internship (15 h/week) in a company with a business orientation.

Learning outcomes

Academic: See description of the corresponding business administration module Soft skills: See description of the corresponding business administration module
Number of credit hours per week 5
Total number of credit hours 270
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus