This specialization deepens the student’s knowledge from various other courses, especially those from the first two semesters. The module allows students to deepen their knowledge from previous lecture. Therefore, they have to attend one specialization lecture as well as one seminar. Both courses can be held in an integrated manner. Next to these aspects students will learn to deal with scientific writing and scientific literature. The search and appraisal of relevant literature of a field is one cornerstone of this module. Moreover, the results of the students have to be presented. Thus, this module should also focus on the corresponding presentation skills.

Learning outcomes

Academic: Students deepen their knowledge of selected areas (see above) and the courses of the first study year. Moreover, the knowledge has to be applied in the seminar thesis. Soft skills: Students will achieve soft skills in the areas of presentation, communication, and creation of scientific output.
Number of credit hours per week 5
Total number of credit hours 270
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus