The modul deepens insight into a limited topic of QM. The covered topics may vary; frequently, they are subject to actual scientific research and discussion in QM. The lecture is held as a block course; according to the specific topic of the module, it tightens and deepens the mathematical prerequisites that are necessary from modules QM1 to QM4. In the seminar following the lecture, the students learn how to work on an scientific topic of QM starting from the technical literature. Based on the work on this literature, they prepare and give a talk. Soft skills like preparing slides and rhetorical techniques are discussed with the tutor in advance and also following the talk. Moreover, the module serves as a perspective to possible themes of the bachelor thesis. The topics vary according to actual scientific questions in QM. Hence, the learning objectives depending on those topics may differ. Anyway, the students should learn to investigate technical literature in QM and understand the application of the specific mathematical models and techniques in economical sciences.

Learning outcomes

Academic: Knowing and being able to apply the concepts of the selected topic. Soft skills: (among others) media competence, time management, rhetoric, presentation skills
Number of credit hours per week 5
Total number of credit hours 270
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus