Lecture | Operations and Supply Chain Management

Strategic challenges of Slovenian Logistics


This course is taught over one semester and will cover the following topics: 

• Global transport corridors and good flows
• Historical importance of Slovenia as a transit country, 
• Historical strategic economic interests of gravitating countries,
• Importance and economic potential of gravitation region,
• Construction of modern transport infrastructure,
• Development of integrated intermodal logistic services,
• Importance of Port of Koper, Slovenian railway and other transport companies,
• Challenges of potential mergers and acquisitions and building of integrated regional logistic services.

Learning outcomes

During the course students will get familiar with historical and present global transport corridors and flows, with historicL perspective of Slovenia as a transit country and with historical strategic economic interests of gravitating countries.
Students will be able to work on projects related to construction of modern transport infrastructure and development of integrated intermodal logistic services.