Lecture | Information Systems

Strategic Information Management


Information Technology (IT) is a strategic asset. Successful deployment and utilization of IT is a must in order for a business to succeed and gain competitive advantage. The result is a growing demand for guidance on the issues and strategies for using and managing IT. The course first introduces students to issues related to the use of IT for increasing organizational performance and productivity, and for gaining strategic and competitive advantage. It helps students to identify problems and opportunities that are appropriate for IT applications and show how IT can be utilized to address these problems and opportunities. The objective here is to derive guidance for today’s and tomorrow’s executives.

Learning outcomes

  • Educate students on key aspects of corporate strategy and why it is critical to the global market.
  • Introduce students to theoretical background on corporate strategy, IT strategy and competitive advantage.
  • Showcase examples of successful IT strategies.
  • Provide a framework for students to build an executable IT strategy.
  • To examine the alignment of the IT strategy to the overall firm’s business strategy.
Number of credit hours per week 6
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus