Lecture | Information Systems

Strategic Management & Technology


Technology increasingly plays a principle role as the enabler or inhibitor for organizations to pursue profitable business strategies. Managing various types of technology is paramount importance to contemporary firms. The objective of this course for students is to understand the nuanced and critical impact of technology (with a focus on modern information technology) on organizations’ sustainable competitive advantage. The alignment between modern technologies and innovation strategies is the focal point of this course. Through this course, students will learn how to identify and analyze specific problems related to technology-strategy alignment, in order to develop sustainable competitive advantage via business innovation. There are no simple, right answers. Students are trained on how to resolve the strategic problems in a creative technology-based approach.

Learning outcomes

Students are able to: (1) recognize and describe the role of technology in strategic management; (2) understand and explain major concepts, theories, and models in the fields of strategic management and technology management; (3) apply their knowledge to classify and describe various types of technology (modern information technology in particular) and associated strategic management issues; (4) apply their knowledge to choose and evaluate appropriate technology for strategic management purpose in written report or oral presentation; and (5) apply their knowledge to analyze, present, and write a report about how technology affects sustainable competitive advantage in real-world business case.

Number of credit hours per week 2
Course eligibility Optional
Presence of students On-campus