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Learning outcomes

Students who succeed in completing the course should be able:

- To recognize the importance of strategy for business success in context of complexity, uncertainty and change.

- To recognize, identify, understand and consolidate the core strategy concepts in context of management in practice.

- To develop skills to create management solutions that enable align resources, skills and organizational competences with the environmental forces and external conditions, enhancing environmental opportunities with competitive advantage.

- To apply the principles of conceptual and analytical methodologies of the course to real life situations in order to analyze the factors that affects strategic decision-making, giving a theoretical domain of practical strategic process, applied to the organizational reality.

- To develop the competence of coherent and persuasive argument inherent in the formulation of strategic and tactical decisions and operations (to support the strategy).

- To develop skills of teamwork and leadership and decision making through the implementation of a project.

Course eligibility Compulsory