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Massey University is a world-ranked institution with intriguing courses to take as you have the time of your life exploring the country.  We make it easy for you to live and study in New Zealand.

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Full-Semester Internships
Our internship involves a placement in a media company, for-profit business, community arts agency, sports organisation, governmental department, global non-profit, or Massey’s International Relations Office.  The internship can credit back to your degree as one of the four courses you take during the semester.
Fieldwork Opportunities
Many Massey courses provide a fieldwork component, which is a great way to get hands-on experience outside the classroom. These courses also give you the opportunity to explore New Zealand as part of your studies.
Manawatu Campus in Palmerston North

Massey Manawatu, home to 6,000 students, is renowned for its beautiful park-like setting just minutes from the city centre. The campus boasts great sports facilities, a huge range of clubs and societies, four-star accommodation, and free bus service throughout Palmerston North.  The campus is New Zealand's premier institution for life sciences, agricultural, horticultural and veterinary teaching and research. Massey Manawatu offers the widest range of subjects within the sciences, health, business, humanities, and social sciences.

Palmerston North has the lowest cost of living of any university city in the entire country.  It is truly a student city with 40% of its population engaged in tertiary study across five institutions.  Palmerston North has about 80,000 inhabitants and offers energetic arts, entertainment, and sports scenes while maintaining the friendly warmth of heartland New Zealand.  Cafés, restaurants serving global cuisines, and outdoor adventure stores ring the compact downtown square.  The city is very walkable and the extensive network of buses and bike lanes make it easy to get around.


  • Multiple scholarships available
  • Enrolled in courses before you arrive
  • Airport pick up
  • Guaranteed accommodation
  • Events, off-campus trips, and excursions throughout the semester



Massey University offers 100 different subject areas across Business, Science, Health, Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Creative Arts. You can select from a range of courses that will credit back to your home institution.
Schedule Full-time
Duration 4 Months
Presence of students On-campus
Scholarships available Yes


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