Lecture | Information Systems

Theories & Approaches of Change Management


In this course, fundamentals of organizational change will be presented. Change is essential for organizations to survive. Anticipating and reacting on changes outside the organization, has consequences for organizational processes, structure and culture, management style, and employees. This implies that organizing is changing and changing is organizing. One could also speak of ‘competence for change’: an organization nowadays has to have the competencies to change. The course has as a goal to get students acquainted with the field of change management. The subject will be studied with an emphasis on theoretical en methodological approaches and issues. Viewpoints and theories on change management, change strategies, change agents, intervention tools and designing and implementing change will be addressed. Students will have an active role in the course. They discuss themes and issues during tutorials and, in a small team, prepare and chair part of a tutorial on a specific theme. This specific theme will also be the subject of an extensive literature research that will result in a research paper. By doing all this, students will get an insight into their own role and effectiveness.

Learning outcomes

Students are able to: (1) describe the characteristics of important change theories and approaches; (2) position theories and approaches in terms of underlying organisational paradigms and theories; (3) discuss the relation between strategy and change; (4) evaluate change approaches in connection to situational circumstances; (5) discuss leadership in connection to change; (6) discuss the role of choice and determinism in selecting change approaches; (7) review and assess publications; (8) conduct a literature research; (9) write a literature research report; (10) reflect on their own theoretical position; (11) give and receive feedback on ideas and work; and (12) prepare and chair workshop.

Number of credit hours per week 4
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus