Lecture | Information Systems

Theory and Application of Database


This course contains two parts: Theory and Application.

The theory of this course is divided into three parts: The first part is about the basic knowledge of database, database system, data model, database management system and relational database. The second part focuses on the design of the database, and helps students to learn how to use the database system software. The third part mainly introduces the security, concurrency control and recovery of database system.     

Besides the study of theory, the course also includes application which focuses on the practice of SQL 2005, the requirement definition of database design, the conceptual model design and the logical model design of the database management system. Students should fully grasp the basic operations of the mode, the basic table and the view, such as add, delete, update, some initial statements and how to draw the ER diagram.

Number of credit hours per week 3
Course eligibility Compulsory