Universidade de Évora

Evora, Portugal


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Évora University was founded on November 1th, 1559, the second university in Portugal.

Since its founding, the UE has been a European center of concentration of knowledge, a school sought by people coming from various backgrounds that here met the conditions to study several fields of knowledge and practice the ability to put forward their arguments.

With the eyes in the future, the UE is proud of its past. It is never enough to remember that from its cloisters teachers and students left in ships bound for the Far East. They carried with them our culture and brought in return the cultures they discovered. They were the workers of the first great globalization that the world has known.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, after its re-foundation in 1979, the UE stands under the sign of pursuit of knowledge, valuing of experience, socialization of knowledge and, again, internationalization. As in the past, internationalization assumes, on one hand, tolerance to face other cultures and, on the other hand, the adoption of rules and standards commonly accepted by the most prestigious universities.

Today, the UE is setting up a broad spectrum of knowledge, which offers bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees as well as informal courses aimed at recycling knowledge and ensuring lifelong learning.

The UE's offer includes a wide range of degrees in various fields of knowledge, all complying with the requirements of the Bologna Process. Structured in four schools - School of Arts, School of Social Sciences, School of Sciences and Technology and Nursing School - and an Institute for Advanced Training, the UE offers 36 bachelor degrees (1st cycle), 68 master degrees (2nd cycle), of which 2 are Erasmus Mundus, 2 integrated master’s, 29 programmes leading to a doctoral degree (3rd cycle) and 32 post-graduate programmes.

The UE believes in networking, contemplating in its offer 18 programmes in association with other universities, with a special reference to 4 1st cycle programmes and 3 2nd cycle programmes with the possibility of double degree with Extremadura University and Castilla-La Mancha University.

Submitted to international assessment, the UE is today an integral part of the European Network of Higher Education and Science and its qualifications are recognized and validated.

Through the Science and Technology Park of Alentejo, the UE seeks to be a partner of the companies based there, encouraging them to innovate products and methods and to improve their competitiveness.

UE also assume the Portuguese-speaking world in the southern hemisphere as a field for cooperation in education and scientific and artistic research.

With the arts, humanities, sciences and technologies the UE continues its journey from the past to the future.



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