Universitas Indonesia

Depok, West Java, Indonesia


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The establishment of the Faculty of Computer Science (FASILKOM UI) stemmed from the founding of University of Indonesia’s Computing Centre (PUSILKOM UI) in 1972. This institution was established with the aim of developing the area of computer science in Indonesia.

The centralization of computer science related equipment and trained personnel in PUSILKOM UI over the next few years, along with the increased demand for graduates in the field meant that it was time for UI to create a program of study specifically in this field. 1986 saw the commencement of the undergraduate level program in Computer Science, with a masters program following suit in 1988. 1993 saw the formation of The Faculty of Computer Science; all of UI’s existing programs of study in computer science were then organized under this faculty.

Considering the rapid progress of ICT application in industry, Faculty of Computer Science UI opened Information Systems study program in 2007. Currently, the program has two main specializations, enterprise systems and information technology. 



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