University of Applied Arts Vienna

Vienna, Vienna, Austria


As a leading center of excellence in art and research, the Angewandte is recognized nationally and internationally.

Projects and events of the highest quality are developed in all of the Angewandte’s art and research disciplines. The Angewandte occupies a leading position in Austrian art and culture.In the field of artistic research, the Angewandte plays a key role in Austria, and it also has achieved great recognition internationally. The recurrent success of applications made from the University to the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) program for arts-based research (PEEK) gives strong evidence for its high level of achievement.

Outstanding international artists and scholars in all branches of the Angewandte provide essential impulses in the development of their individual disciplines, and beyond the bounds of their disciplines as well - be it in their artwork, in their publications, in exhibition organization, on the art market, in the creative industries or through their media presence.

The Angewandte has at its disposal a densely woven and structurally well-established network of internationally renowned institutions and experts, providing numerous possibilities for cooperation to national and international partners and interested parties.


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The computerisation of everday life, the "Internet of Things" or "Smart Homes" are realisitic visions of the future, which are created by research laboratories of high-tech companies and universities. The economy, in the meanwhile, is working intensively on new concepts for processing, providing and collecting data: cloud computing, virtualisation, Semantic Web, Mobile Computing, Intelligent Sensor Networks, Advanced Analytics or service-oriented architectures are just some of the catchphrases in this context. They promise to revolutionise the business processes of tomorrow. At Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), the Department of Information Systems and Operations has taken on the task to shape the future by closely cooperating with companies and other research institutions in order to work out how those visions can be realised to ensure that the current challenges of the knowledge society, globalisation and sustainability can be mastered successfully.

The department consists of the following 5 institutes (external links):

  • Information Business (Univ.Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling)
  • Information Management and Control (Univ.Prof. Dr. Edward Bernroider)
  • Information Systems and New Media (Univ.Prof. Dr. Gustaf Neumann)
  • Management Information Systems (Univ.Prof. Dr. Sarah Spiekermann)
  • Production Management (Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Werner Jammernegg)


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