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Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany


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At the Department of Informatics 28 professors research and teach supported by approximately 180 research, technology and management staff. More than 2300 students are enrolled in 6 Bachelor- and 6 Master degree courses.

Basic Research – combined with a distinctive focus on implementation

Hamburg’s Department of Informatics has – since its foundation in 1971 – excelled in a  broad spectrum of informatics’ themes, combined with a distinctive focus on implementation. Hamburg’s traditionally centered university imparts to informatics a particularly rich interdisciplinary dialogue with such varied subjects as Economics, Sociology, the Arts, Science, Medicine and Education Science.

The Hamburg Information Technology Center (HITeC) promotes hands-on research, joint ventures with local industry, technology transfer and spin-offs. Both economy and administration benefit from the palpable transfer of basic research results, thereby strengthening Hamburg’s position on a scientific and financial level.

Role Model – Human Beings First

In present-day society, information technology plays an ever-increasing role in practically all aspects of our daily life. People need information science in order to manage the growing complexity of contemporary tasks and systems. Systems must remain manageable and understandable. Technology must adapt to human beings, and not vice versa. With regard to the three fundamental tasks of informatics – analysis, construction and design - researchers and professors at the Department of Informatics place human beings first.

Our motto is „Informatics – the Future“, and we call on all scientists to “Form the Future!” Such is the definition of the central concept of Hamburg University’s Department of Informatics. May it echo in our research and our teaching.



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