University of Porto

Porto, Portugal


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The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto - FEUP - is an institution for the creation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge, technology and culture in engineering. One of the main aims is to prepare students to pursue the engineering profession at an international level, supported by Research and Development of excellence, contemplating the strands scientific, technical, ethical and cultural.



FEUP is and will increasingly be an alive campus and a source of inspiration for a technical and scientific increase and civic and cultural development of all students who seek it.

FEUP will also be a key asset, and therefore rigorous, proactive and demanding, for the purposes of the University of Porto and Portugal's development in achieving this goal always postponed the European convergence.

FEUP intends to use its quality, inspiring well-being, pro-activity and ambition to do more and better, in the pursuit of mission objectives, production and transfer of knowledge to the society.



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