University of Sao Paulo - USP

Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil


The University of São Paulo (USP) is a public university, maintained by the State of São Paulo and affiliated with the State Secretariat of Economic, Scientific and Technological Development. Various world rankings, created to measure the quality of universities according to various criteria, particularly those related to scientific productivity, have widely recognized the talent and dedication of USP professors, students and employees. Universidade de São Paulo has an International Cooperation Office whose aim is to promote students, faculty and researchers’ mobility by enhancing cooperation and helping with mobility logistics. Nowadays, USP has over 1,000 international agreements with several institutions all over the world. Students and faculty members enjoy a multicultural environment with people of different cultural backgrounds.



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The School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (EACH) is one of the youngest schools within University of Sao Paulo. 

It has a single organizational structure without any academic departments.

The aim of EACH is to prepare professionals and researchers for a complex vision of society, culture and science. It is based on a strict commitment to the development of inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary perspectives as well as the pursuit of knowledge innovation. Two of its key features are the Basic Cycle, a series of common studies to all undergraduate programs, and the establishment of a strong connection with local low-income communities through research projects and extension activities.

Every year, 1,020 students are admitted in the undergraduate programs, alocated into morning, afternoon and evening periods. EACH currently has approximately 5,000 students in undergraduate programs, and 150 students in graduate programs. 



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I am an Associate Professor at the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil, with the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (EACH). At EACH-USP, I serve in the Bachelor Undergraduate Program in Information Systems (BSI) and in the MSc and PhD Graduate Program in Information Systems (PPgSI). I acted as the coordinator of PPgSI of EACH-USP from 2014 to 2018. Currently, I am a guest researcher at the Vrij University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, working with process mining. I am B.Sc. in Computer Science at the State University of Maringá, Brazil (1999); M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering at the State University of Campinas, Brazil (2002); Ph.D. in Computer Science at the State University of Campinas, Brazil (2007); and Qualified-Associate Professor in Information Technology at the University of São Paulo, Brazil (2014). I am a Green Belt certified in the quality improvement program Six Sigma at Motorola (2007). I worked in software development industry: as a software testing specialist at CPqD, Campinas, Brazil (2001-2006), and as a R&D specialist at Motorola, Jaguariuna, Brazil (2006-2008). I was the general chair of CBSoft 2011 (2nd Brazilian Conference on Software: Theory and Practice), which included four well-established symposia: SBES, SBLP, SBMF and SBCARS; the general chair of SBSI 2012 (8th Brazilian Symposium on Information Systems); and the program chair of SBCARS 2012 (6th Brazilian Symposium on Software Components, Architectures and Reuse).