Vinnytsia National Technical University

Vinnytsia, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine


VNTU is the unique University in Ukraine as well as among the Countries of New Independent States to introduce in 1991 the three semester study system, two semesters of which are conducted following the curricula, and the third . is a working semester. During the working semester, the first year students obtain the working profession, corresponding to the future engineering one. The senior students are working on the enterprises independently, improving their qualification.



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Vinnytsia National Technical University is an educational establishment of the fourth level of accreditation well known both in Ukraine and far abroad.
VNTU consists of 8 scientific and educational faculties:
FCSA (Faculty of Computer Systems and Automatics )
FCETPEGS (Faculty of Civil Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering and Gas Supply)
FPEEEM (Faculty of Power Engineering, Ecology and Electrical Mechanics)
FITCE (Faculty of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering)
FMBT (Faculty of Machine Building and Transport)
FRETEIE (Faculty of Radio Engineering, Telecommunication and Electronic Instrument Engineering)
FM (Faculty of Management)

and seven Integral Institutes, designed for the provision of training process:

Institute of Master's, Post-Graduate and Doctor Degree Studies (InMPDDS)
Institute of Humanitarian and Educational Policy (InHEP)
Institute of Training and Production Integration (InTPI)
Institute of International Relations (InIR)
Institute of Pre-University Training (InRUT)
Institute of Organizational and Methodical Provision of Training (InOMPT)
Institute of Progressive Training Technologies (InPTT)
Institute of Ecology and Ecology Cibernetics (InEEC)



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